You Could Need Vehicle Fleet Insurance

You could need vehicle fleet insurance even if you only have a single vehicle! A primary factor according to insurance companies is on how a vehicle is utilised. This is a crucial aspect to the policy holder as insuring a vehicle for the wrong reasons, could lead to repudiation of any claim. For anyone limiting their driving to and from their place of work, but not for any work related activities, then a standard type of auto insurance policy will suffice.

Vehicles that are used directly for work related purposes should be attached to a fleet or commercial vehicle insurance policy. It need not be a heavy duty truck, a van or any other specifically designed vehicle for commercial use. In theory, it could be any type of vehicle, even one that is used for travelling between business appointments.

Legal requirements for vehicle fleet insurance are generally similar to those for personal vehicle insurance, but there are exceptions. In some instances, higher restrictions could be applied to taxicabs and passenger conveying vehicles.

With regard to drivers of fleet vehicles, this type of policy unlike personal vehicle insurance, fleet policies require designated drivers. If this condition is not adhered to, then any claim submitted relating to an unlisted driver could be declined. It is therefore, essential that all fleet related drivers’ lists are maintained up to date.

In general fleet insurance does not extend cover for damages caused by the owner of the vehicle or employees. This is a different type of insurance and endorses the need for professional and qualified advice, regarding the necessary insurance business applications. This is an aspect that concerns trailers, which are not a self-propelled vehicle. In general, the liability factor regarding the vehicle towing a trailer is covered by the fleet policy. However, it is usual for trailers to possess a form of comprehensive coverage, separate from the other vehicles.

When used in a commercial environment, trailers are usually insured on a pre-determined value basis. This precedent could especially apply to older trailers or the more basically constructed trailer, for example a flatbed.

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