Why Sports Activities Automobiles Value More To Insure

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Have you ever ever questioned why sports vehicles price more to insure than different kinds of automobile – even when the purchase value of the sports activities car is less expensive?  If so, the following are the primary reasons why this is the case.

Car Insurance coverage Group Categories

While lots of the components that decide the make-up of automotive insurance quotes aren’t known, what is understood is that insurance corporations ‘group’ sure sorts of vehicles into categories.  For this purposes, insurance coverage companies have teams ranging from 1 by means of to 20.  Group 1 is the least expensive sort of car to insure.  Group 20 is the most expensive kind of car to insure.  So, for those who purchase a Fiat Panda, you’ll be classed a Group 1 automotive driver.  Purchase a sports car, any sports automobile, and you’re looking at being classed a Group 15 and above driver.  Purchase a efficiency sports automotive, corresponding to a Porsche 911, and also you’ll undoubtedly be Group 20 driver!


Over 2 million automotive crimes happen within the UK every year.  Except for standard mannequin cars, such a Ford, the biggest car crime class is sports activities vehicles!  Have a gentle-top convertible sports car, and the probabilities of it being stolen are pink scorching!  So, even when you stay out in the countryside with nobody else around for miles, you’ll nonetheless be seen as driving an extremely excessive danger automobile in the case of automobile theft.  With elevated threat, comes an elevated premium!


Insurance companies are usually not charities – they’re within the enterprise to make money.  As such, they preserve vast amounts of information and a part of that information tells them that should you drive a sports automotive there’s an increased danger you’ll be in an accident and that the accident will probably be more severe (and costly) than when you were driving a daily car.  As such, the premium cost goes to be higher.

Beneath 30?

Except you could have just received the Lottery, if you are under 30 there are no interesting factors on the subject of insuring a sports car.  Not solely do the insurance firm see the car you drive as being a excessive risk automotive to insure, however you as the driving force are far more risky to insure as well.  Consequently, car insurance premiums for these 30 years of age or under, driving sports activities vehicles, is probably the very best of all varieties of automotive insurance accessible in the UK today.


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