Why BlackBerry Cover?

You may not need BlackBerry cover if you consider yourself to be phenomenally lucky or very well off. 

If you do not come in either of the catergories then you might want to consider taking out gadget insurance.

The cost of Blackberries

See in your mind’s eye just how frustrating and financially painful it may be if your BlackBerry was either:

  • stolen;
  • lost;
  • broken down outside of the manufacturers warranty period;
  • accidentally destroyed in an accident.

If you dont have BlackBerry insurance protection, potentially youll have to deal with the financial consequences of these things out of your own bank account.

The cover

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them

However, some policies will generally cover you against the above circumstances (loss cover is typically an optional extra) and also provide you with:

the replacement of your BlackBerry within 48-hours of your claim being agreed;
the extension of the cover to include countries outside of the UK potentially invaluable if you`re on holiday or travelling on business.

Of course, BlackBerry insurance comes with its own distinctive conditions that may include:

  • you may be obliged to report any theft to police and obtain proof that you`ve done so (typically through a police crime number) within 24-hours of the crime occurring;
  • claims for theft may perhaps not be approved in situations where you have left your BlackBerry unattended and not locked away securely;
  • any damage to the phone through your own actions such as modifying the phone could be excluded from accidental breakage;
  • your insurance may well apply to you so if you lend your device to someone else and the worst happens, your insurance may not cover you.

Gadget insurance

You might also want to consider what other gadgets you are able to take out insurance to cover too. 

There will typically be a policy available for each of them and there may be some financial advantages to taking out more than one policy. This many attract a discount if you buy several polices from one provider.

Today just about all gadgets are expensive and highly vulnerable to theft etc.  Blackberry insurance may save you from a great deal of financial problems and worry.

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