What Is BlackBerry Bold Cover?

Blackberry Bold insurance is something that all owners of the Bold may wish to consider, if so then read on.

What does it cover?

This will vary depending upon the insurers but normally these sorts of gadget insurance policies provide protection against all or some of the following:

  • breakdowns outside of the manufacturers warranty period;
  • theft;
  • accidental destruction;
  • loss (available commonly as an optional extra).

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

How easy is it to claim?

Claiming is commonly easy but thats not to say that it is guaranteed that any claim will be automatically approved. This is the same for any type of insurance you decide to take out.

All claims are checked for importance to the policies terms and conditions.

Once you claim has been approved you may be able to look forward to a brand new Blackberry within a period of 48 hours.

Note that if you are claiming, it is advisable to guarantee that you have complied with your obligations under the policy for example, you may need a police crime number to support a theft claim.  You would need to report the crime to the police within 24 hours typically.

Whats the catch?

No conscientious insurer includes catches in their policies.  Provided your claim is covered and you have complied with the typically straightforward requirements of the policy, your claim will be met.

Is everything covered?

Typical descriptive categories of cover are given above.  Any conditions relating to them are usually spelt out for you to read in the documentation.

For example, theft claims may not be approved if the theft occurred while you had left your BlackBerry unattended and unsecured in a public place.  These conditions are typically commonsense and relate to your obligation to protect your own property.

Whats the excess?

The excess is an amount of money that you`ll typically be asked to contribute towards the cost of any claims you make.

The amount of excess is typically found in the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

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