Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

With approximately 100,000 people each year being convicted of driving offences in the UK this means that more and more drivers are now forced to seek insurance as a convicted driver. This can be especially difficult when it comes to getting low-cost insurance for vans as insurers typically take a dim view of people who have had driving convictions in the past.

This does not always mean that it’s impossible for you to get comprehensive insurance for vans if you are a convicted driver. In previous years it was unlikely, but now there are a variety of organisations which specialise in helping convicted drivers get comprehensive insurance for vans at a low-cost.

The factors which would prohibit a convicted driver from low-cost insurance are taken into account by many of these providers, and they make sure that convicted drivers are not pushed on to sky-high insurance premiums because of them. Just some of these convictions include:

• People who have completed a driving ban.
• Convicted drivers, as a result of an accident.
• Drink and drug driver schemes.
• Minor convictions.
• Multiple convictions.

Schemes are typically tailored personally by these organisations to the driver in question. This is very unlike conventional insurance schemes as these insurers are not interested in choosing a one size fits all insurance policy.

Another problem which can often arise for convicted drivers is that many of these convictions are given complicated reference numbers and codes which the majority of people just don’t understand because they have never encountered them before. This is why taking out insurance with the help of a specialist can take away the confusion because they will know what to do for the best.

Convicted drivers don’t have to worry about not being able to be fully covered either because they tend to offer all the same benefits and levels of cover which a conventional insurance policy would offer, such as; cover for theft, cover against fire, third party cover, and courtesy vans should your own van need to be repaired.

Furthermore, you are not required to make any long-term commitments because you are a convicted driver. Taking out insurance from a provider which is specialised in helping convicted van drivers means that you have both short and long-term policies at your disposal.

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