Understanding Insurance For Trucks

Australia has a highly functional insurance industry comprised of both national and international insurance companies. These offer varied types of insurance, including insurance for trucks. Commercial trucks in particular pose several dangers and risks while on the road. Likewise, they are also prone to several risks. All these risks need to be properly covered with appropriate truck insurance cover.

As in other jurisdictions where any motor vehicle must have a minimum appropriate insurance cover to be driven on a public road, Australian insurance laws and regulations make it compulsory for all trucks to have appropriate truck insurance cover. In Australia, the minimum truck insurance cover that a truck is supposed to have is the primary liability Insurance for Trucks. This is the acceptable minimum insurance cover that permits a truck to be driven on any Australian road. This kind of truck insurance covers the risks that a truck poses while on the road, including collision with other vehicles, damage to other people’s property and injury accidents. Without this type of truck insurance, a truck owner or company is bound to incur huge costs, as no insurance company will provide any compensation.

Trucks are used to transport varied kinds of cargo to various destinations, most often long distances. This in effect increases chances of cargo on a truck being damaged in case of an accident or theft. Australian insurance companies cater truck cargo insurance that provides cover to cargo on board a truck against possible risks. In the event of an accident or incident that leads to damage of the cargo, the insurance company pays compensation so long as premiums are up to date and a valid insurance claim is lodged.

It is simply impossible for long-distant truck drivers to continue driving for long hours without stopping at designated points for meals, rest and possibly accommodation overnight. In such situations, a truck may cause an off-road accident, it may be vandalised or cargo on board may be stolen. Insurance companies have developed general liability Insurance for Trucks to provide cover against such eventualities.

Apart from the above important Insurance for Trucks, the other type of tuck insurance that a truck owner or company may consider obtaining is the non-trucking liability insurance. As the name suggests, this is a type of insurance that provides cover to a truck when it is not in use but in danger of other risks such as vandalism. Such situations do arise especially when a truck is taken away for major maintenance and repairs.

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