Top Tips For The Best Mobile Phone Insurance Protection

When considering looking for the best mobile phone insurance you may wish to consider the following!


Whats best for someone else might not be the most excellent for you. You have to decide if the policy is right for you


List the risks


Risks to mobile phones typically include:


  • theft;
  • accidental destruction;
  • breakdowns outside of the manufacturers warranty;
  • loss.


If youre considering a policy that doesnt provide cover for all of those (even as optional extras) then you may wish to think about why not.


Small world


Today we all travel about a lot and reasonably often overseas as well.


An insurance policy may provide world wide cover . That might be worth having even if on its own, it doesnt necessarily mean youve got the best mobile phone insurance.


Get replacements


If you have the time and inclination to start trudging around the shops to replace your mobile phone the perhaps well.


If you havent, some policies will offer a guaranteed 48 hour replacement of your phone one the claim has been approved.  Likely very useful!


Cover your calls


If theres a delay between your phone being stolen and you noticing, you could get a horrific shock on your next bill when you discover just how long the thief was chatting to their auntie on Mars before you disabled the number.


Some policies will agree to pay the cost of such calls and that might be worth having.




Theres nothing wrong with powerful advertising but be cautious about assuming that cheap phone insurance also means the best mobile phone insurance.


Check all policies for what theyre providing rather than the headline price theyr proclaiming. Cheap may prove to be very expensive in the event of a claim.


Check the circumstances


As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.  And contrary to what some may believe, cover insurance companies dont try and catch you out in the small print.


Typically they lay out clearly what theyre offering for the money and any conditions that may apply.


Read these carefully as some could be more restrictive than others.


Study the unattended clauses


Some insurance plans may exclude all theft that takes place when your phone is unattended essentially when not on your person.


Your policy may provide insurance against theft if the phone was locked up when the theft occured and some may include unattended theft.


Theres a big difference between the two and its worth read-through.


Always check out the full extent of the insurance policy carefully.


The key point is that you need to think logically about what may be the best mobile phone cover insurance for you. Dont just believe a policy is the best because it claims to be so make the facts prove it!


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