Tips For Declogging Your Plumbing

Learning how to clear up their house drains is something that house owners need to learn inevitably. The reason for this is because clogs are inevitable things and you need to learn how to handle them. Your bathtubs, drains, sinks and toilets are very much prone to clogging. There will be times when you can fix the clogging but if the clog does not go away then you need to hire a professional plumber. A good gauge would be if you are unable to clear it easily with your available tools, it is best to call a plumber. A plunger and a snaking device are tools that you should always have at home. In this article, we will be dealing with resolving some of the clogged fixtures you may have at home.

Number one, let’s talk about clogged kitchen sinks. This can easily be resolved, because usually what happens is the food particles get stuck in the drain pipe. You can effectively remove this using the plunger. What you need to do is to keep the drain opening completely covered so that the suction pressure is maintained. If you cannot dislodge the clog with the plunger only then go ahead and use the snaking device. You should also clean out your garbage disposal in your sink to make sure that there are no debris and kitchen food stuck there. It is important that you have some standing water in order to force the debris out. This is an important part of your plumbing as we have seen in our Glendale plumbing company.

Number two, you need to deal with your toilet. Toilets are the most common household fixture that becomes clogged which will require drain clearing. Clearing the debris is as simple as using the auger and the plunger. Do not flush huge chunks of toilet paper into your toilet since it can be the cause of clogging. Always be wary of whatever you are flushing down your toilet. This is an area we always stay on top of in our Malibu plumbing repair service.

Number three, we have our bathtubs. Hair and soap residues when they accumulate can be the culprit of clogs. To ensure that it will drain quickly, you have to remove the pop-up and clear the mess to prevent it from clogging further. You will not be using the auger and the plunger much here hopefully. This is another important part of your plumbing we try to inform clients of our Los Angeles water damage repair service.

You have just read some of the tips that you can follow for removing clogs in your plumbing fixtures. Bear in mind that preventive maintenance is better than doing repairs.

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