Three Expert Tips To Increase Your Insurance Sales

If you are like most independent insurance agents, you are always hunting for an opportunity to market yourself and get new patrons in the door. You may have a selection of many products and a few corporations for each, which gives you a wide-open berth to corral customers. But occasionally you need to use a more unorthodox approach to zap new life into your insurance leads and sales.

1. Find a slot.

If you should happen to sell a great bike or sport auto product, milk that. Go to bike dealers and ATV dealers and start to know them.
Prepare a day when they are counting on having a blowout sale for you to come and set up a short lived office to help buyers in purchasing your insurance before they drive off the lot.
If you're providing great costs with great coverage, they won't need to shop any farther.

2. Get entangled.

If you are skilled in products for retirees you are going to need to become involved in community activities that may put your name and face in front of your target crowd.

This crowd is more attuned to sales methods, so you'll need to be more of an assistant.

If you prove yourself reliable and helpful, the word will spread and you'll have more business than you can handle.
Don’t prove yourself to be useful and you may as well find another niche. Bad news travels faster than good news.

3. When you get new customers, keep them.

Shoppers don’t want an agent that's there to just collect a check. Make it a point once or twice a month to visit some of your clients.

Leave a door hanger packet or note if they're not home so they know you have stopped.

When get to go to with somebody, listen, but don't sell unless they ask you for a product or questions. Your principal goal is to show your clients that you care more for them than just collecting a check.

Selling isn't just about waiting around for someone to walk thru your door. Sometimes you've got to go to them. Stand proud of the group and blow your competitors away!

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