The Types of Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance

At times, you need day van insurance cover when using a different driver from the usual one employed for the driving of a particular van. This is an easy product to purchase and bought within minutes, covering drivers from twenty- one years old until the age of seventy-five inclusive. Temporary van cover is suitable for usage from one to twenty-eight days, and easily bought on the internet with a credit card. Alternatively, it is available on a weekly basis, making it suitable for longer operations when they are necessary. A temporary van insurance policy is comprehensive and you are able to print out the certificate within minutes, either at home or in an office. This short-term product is perfect for the occasions when either, you need to borrow a van or let somebody else use yours.

Day Insurance

With a temporary day cover, you are able to drive somebody else’s van with a comprehensive 24 hour insurance policy. Driving whilst using the ‘driving other vehicles’ clause in either your or the van owner’s policy, only gives you third party cover, meaning that in the event of an accident, you would be liable for payment if any damage to the van should occur.

This list provides you with the types available of a day van insurance or temporary van insurance cover

• Emergency cover for a temporary driver, or else an additional vehicle
• Temporary cover for driving another van, borrowing a friends vehicle, or travelling on a driving holiday
• Day cover while waiting for delivery of another vehicle
• Daily cover for test-driving a private van or a dealers demonstrator
• Temporary cover for driving a dealer’s courtesy car while yours is in for service or repair

Even though this insurance is temporary, buying it still means following all the golden rules of insurance. This means, buying from a reputable insurance provider, the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best cover and read the policy to understand levels of cover and exclusions.

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