The Security Of BlackBerry Bold Insurance Protection

One of the things you might want to check out when looking for Blackberry Bold insurance is if a policy covers you for protection once you are outside of the UK.
Fortunately such cover does exist and might also provide you with a number of features that could prove very useful if something happened to your BlackBerry.

One of the events you may find are covered in theft of your phone.

You may find though that there are insurance covers which may typically go that bit further and also provide:

* malfunction or breakdown cover outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period;
* up to 3GB of data storage for key data, photos etc;
* loss cover as an optional extra;
* a guaranteed replacement for your BlackBerry bold within 48 hours of your claim being approved.

Knowing what’s covered

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

So, if your BlackBerry bold is stolen, you may have to make sure you report the theft to the police within a specified time (typically 24 hours) of it happening. They will supply you with a crime number, which you may have to pass on to your insurers to allow them to progress your claim.

Failure to do this may mean that any claim you make is turned down by the insurance provider.

You may also wish to bear in mind that while Blackberry theft protection generally includes unattended theft, this may be conditional on you leaving your BlackBerry bold in a secure and locked location (e.g. a vehicle or premises). 

You may not be able to claim on the insurance policy if you were to leave your phone on a table, for instance.

In a similar vein, your bold insurance protection may include protection against liquid damage.  It may be unlikely to include cover for non-accidental damage though, so taking care while fitting accessories etc may be advisable. 

Other Types Of Gadgets

Before purchasing Blackberry Bold insurance you might want to check if you need to insure other gadgets. You may usually find that multi-policy purchases may attract discounts overall.

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