The Principles Of Golf Insurance Protection

There are two main objectives to taking out golf insurance:


  • to help you meet the costs of replacing your club (or clubs) in the event of a tragedy this may include theft or destruction;
  • to do likewise in terms of allowing you to continue a golfing break or holiday by funding the use of rental clubs if the disaster has arisen while you`re away.


Nobody can tell you what the chances are of such an event happening.  It could depend a lot on where you play, your method of travel and where you store your equipment etc.


Some golfers have played a lifetime and never experienced any such problems but others may have rather more painful stories to tell.


Unluckily, it is a fact that your clubs are vulnerable.


Even in the best clubs, the theft of property is not unknown and there may even be professional thieves that are expert at penetrating clubhouses and locker rooms with the specific intent of stealing clubs.


Although theft is bad enough, it`s not the only jeopardy.


Many people that have travelled by air have experienced the frustration of lost baggage. Every so often it turns up and sometimes it doesn`t.  Coach trips also pose problems when it comes to loss.


Then there is damage that can come about in transit.  You also need to consider the fact that clubs may become damaged.


Some travel operators, airlines and coach companies, may have explicit limitations on the extent to which they will cover golf equipment for damage incurred during what they`ll term normal handling.


When you consider all of the above golf insurance may be something worth considering. It is important to note of course that as with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you could wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.


Should something happen you then have the insurance behind you to fall back onto.


Of course, having golf insurance won`t stop misfortune from striking but it may help reduce your costs and inconvenience.




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