Procedures to Follow If You’re Declined for Life Insurance

Getting declined for life insurance can be a annoying and daunting event. Nonetheless the first thing to appraise the instant you get fell is why you got dropped.

Most insurance corporations won’t release this info to your agent or broker and will require that you sign a letter allowing them to release the info to your physician.

When you figure out why you were fell, speak to a professional who specializes in insuring the hard to insure. Some conditions, for example elevated blood sugar levels, or high blood pressure, can be refused on a short lived basis, i.e. Once the condition is improved and stable, the insured will probably qualify for conventional coverage.


In the event that normal life insurance coverage is not available, there are a variety of Simplified Issue insurance policies that can be useful. Simplified Issue policies are life insurance policies that are accessible without a medical. These plans have become increasingly competitive lately, so the elements below have to be considered:

  1. Pick a plan where you can answer “No” to as many health questions as possible – A plan where there’s only two or three health questions will often be costlier than a plan with 15 to 20 health questions. The more health questions you can answer “No” to, the better off you will be.
  2. Presuming you’re a non-smoker, find a place that offers reductions to non smokers – Many no medical life insurance plans, price smokers and nonsmokers at the same rate. By selecting a plan that distinguishes between smokers and non smokers, you will pay a lower premium.
  3. Find out if coverage becomes effective from the first day, or if there is a two year waiting period
    – Many Simplified Issue plans have a two-year waiting period where, if the insured passes away by non-accident in the first 2 years, it’s a return of premium and interest. Both Presumption Life and Canadian Protection Plan supply a Simplified Issue plan that protects the insured from the first day.
  4. Work with an independent broker who has experience handling the tough to insure – LSM Insurance has been working with the tough to insure for over 16 years. We survey the market to find the best fit at the most reasonable price.

Lorne Marr is life insurance and no medical life insurance expert from Toronto.

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