Plumbing Tools For Your House

Every house owner needs to have the basic tools for plumbing repairs in their house. Since a working plumbing system is very important for houses you need to have the most basic repair tools in your house. If you have some basic tools in your house they can also be utilized for plumbing repairs. This page will tell you all about the basic tools that you need for your quick plumbing needs.


The first tool is the most common of all, the wrench. This tool is needed to loosen and tighten the pipes and bolts in your plumbing connections. A socket wrench can be used to remove recessed packing nuts and shower fixtures. You can also use a basin wrench if you want to remove nuts and bolts in hard to reach places. The good thing about having a wrench is that it is not only used for plumbing, it can be used for other home repairs as well. This is one of the most common tools for us in our Fullerton plumbing company.


Second is the pliers. Pliers are multi-purpose as well and you can use them for a lot of things. You can actually use it to cut and tighten portions of plumbing. For the more complicated plumbing problems you can use specialized pliers. But for that quick fix, your normal pliers will easily do the job for you. This is another tool we couldn’t do without in our Irvine plumbing service.


Last, you have the plumbing snake. Plumbers snake comes in different length and sizes. Use a short snake if you want to do a quick repair job. You can also use a closet auger which is another version for a snake that is designed to eliminate clogs in toilets. You can also use a plunger if you do not have access to this. We use this often in our mold removal Orange County service.


The article just detailed some of the basic plumbing tools that you need to use in your house for repairs. Having these basic tools at home can save you time when you do your plumbing repairs.

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