Petplan Equine Insurance Policies Include Comprehensive Coverage

Petplan equine insurance plans are among the best available and the Petplan Equine plan in particular deserves special mention because it is a special plan that offers best in equine insurance. Petplan has more than seventeen long years of experience in providing quality equine insurance and in addition there are a number of options available that ensure that whatever option you choose, your Petplan equine insurance policy is sure to provide superior coverage. For people who also want to know something about car insurance such as the car insurance NZ and the car insurance quotes, you can turn to some insurance brokers for advice.

The main advantage of choosing Petplan equine insurance is that it provides comprehensive coverage against costs of treating your horse for unexpected consequences that can strike horse and rider down without warning or time to take preventive action. The best part about Petplan equine insurance plans is that it will cover horses that can be of any type or ability and so whether your horse is well trained for polo or a complete hack; Petplan equine insurance plans are there to take care of the horse’s every need.

Another feature of Petplan equine insurance plan is that it provides optional cover for vet fees that is charged for treating injuries or illnesses and it includes cost of conducting diagnostic tests as well as complementary treatment that another vet might recommend. In addition, Petplan equine insurance plans also cover of personal accidents for people aged between five and seventy-five who might injure them while riding or handling a horse.

Perhaps the best feature of a Petplan equine insurance plan is that the plans are straightforward and have no hidden costs and the benefits are there for all to see. For example, when the Petplan equine insurance plan covers for death as well as loss by straying or theft, the plan will provide cover for the entire sum insured. Other features to a Petplan equine insurance plan include cover for disposal, vet’s fees, permanent loss of use, third party liability, personal accident and dental (Standard or Superior). In addition, saddler and tack is also covered as too are trailers and/or horse-drawn vehicles.

For pet dog owners there are also some very good Petplan dog insurance plans that are based on the realization that there is a special bond that exists between man and his best friend, the dog. Therefore, with Petplan you get more than cover for the unexpected because you will also get cover for your pet dog’s entire life, which should give pet dog owners considerable more peace of mind.

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