Minibus Insurance Companies – What You Should Learn About Their Policies

Governments all over the world require that every vehicle present on the road should have an insurance policy, and as such the same rule applies to minibuses as well. The coverage provided by minibus insurance companies includes damage occurring to any of the following:

a. Damage to the minibus.
b. Damage to the contents in the bus (if any).
c. Liabilities that are encountered by the owner of the minibus.
d. Injuries suffered by the passengers in case of an accident.
e. Injuries suffered by the driver of the minibus.

Before delving deeper into the practical details of minibus insurance policies, it is important to first understand the definition and categorisation of a minibus. A minibus is defined as a vehicle that has the ability to accommodate and transport passengers as many as nine to sixteen at a time. Thus, a vehicle can only be classified as a minibus if the number of seats available in it is between 9 to16. Therefore, the eligibility of vehicles that can be covered by minibus insurance policy is determined by the number of seats it possesses.

Minibus insurance can be classified into two major categories namely the comprehensive policy and the third-party liability policy. Third party policies that are provided by most companies are designed for people who want to operate their minibuses on a commercial level and it is the bare minimum requirement set forth by governments all over the world. Third-party policies also provide cover for the road users who were involved in the accident with the minibus.

A comprehensive policy, which is the most commonly used policy, is provided by most minibus insurance companies. As the name suggests, these policies provide cover for a vast range of risks and damages caused by accidents, theft, vandalism and fire. However, these days more and more minibus insurance companies are providing policies which are designed to meet the needs of the customers. Companies provide policies like the taxi operation policy and the multipurpose policy amongst others. Similarly, companies are also providing which are dependent upon the number of vehicles owned by a particular mini bus company. In this regard, the fleet policy is ideal for companies who own and operate more than two minibuses.

Owing to the myriad of insurance policies available, it is imperative that you give careful thought and consideration to choose the policy which best suits your needs.

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