Large Goods Vehicle Insurance

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There are literally thousands of LGV (large goods vehicles) operating throughout the UK. They deliver a variety of goods locally or to long haul destinations. Many employers employ large workforces who transport valuable goods around the country. Self-employed people also use LGV’s to carry out their business. Who requires LGV Insurance? The simple answer to this is anyone who owns a haulage company, including individuals who have their own vehicle. Regardless of your trade or profession, it is imperative to have the correct insurance policy that covers your vehicle and the goods in transit.

Unfortunately theft from large vehicles is on the increase in the UK. Documentaries on TV have recently reported lorry drivers parking overnight in service stations having a rest, only to find in the morning all the goods have been stolen from their truck. This type of theft is costing UK haulage companies and self-employed drivers, millions of pounds a year. It’s not a nice scenario to be in when a member of staff reports to the owner his lorry has been ransacked and everything stolen. Lorry drivers have enough to worry about on the busy UK roads without the constant threat of theft.

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What type of lgv insurance is required? To begin with third party insurance is the minimum cover you can purchase. It basically protects you against damage to a third party or death caused to any other party involved. Third party, fire and theft cover is also recommended. It covers the same as the third party insurance, however it additionally provides protection from the risk of fire or theft from your LGV. Why not take out contents insurance for extra assurance? Fully comprehensive insurance is a must for any haulage firm owner or self-employed individual. As well as covering all of the above your large goods vehicle is protected against accidental or malicious damage.

Whatever type of insurance you are looking for, you can contact professional advisers online. A reputable UK insurance company will discuss your business or individual insurance needs. You can get a free quote online, often less than your current insurance provider. Let the experts take care of your insurance needs while you get on with earning a living. A fully trained UK adviser is waiting for your call. Give them a ring and have a chat; you will be surprised at the savings you can make on your insurance policy.