Insurance for chauffeurs

If you run a chauffeur business it is vital you have chauffeur insurance for all your drivers and vehicles that carry passengers. Some people get confused over insurance for the chauffeur driven vehicles and are not sure whether they need chauffer or taxi insurance. Chauffeur companies are not like taxi companies and do not have a two way radio between the taxi and the office arranging pickups. As long as it is mainly contract work the vehicle is used for then you require chauffeur insurance not taxi insurance.

Insurance cover varies from the very basic third party cover but it is advised to take out comprehensive cover as your vehicles will be spending a lot of time driving and carrying passengers. There are various cover options available such as individual cover, over aged 25 cover and cover for named drivers. Whatever cover you require shouldn’t be hard to find as there are many different companies that provide insurance for chauffeurs.

It is recommended that you browse all different companies and policies before committing to one. You can search the internet, use price comparison sites or contact insurance brokers directly to obtain the best deal. Never just accept the first insurance quote you are given, make sure you search around. It is better to search on the Internet as some companies offer discounts for taking out a policy online which could save you quite a bit of money. Many companies also offer discounts if you are taking out a new policy as a first time customer with the company and some will also offer good no claims discounts.

Always read all fine print before signing the policy in case you need to claim. It is also a good idea to compare insurance excess fee, some companies’ offer a low excess fee if you make a claim whereas some have a very high excess fee and you may not be benefiting by making a claim through them.

It is vital you take out chauffeur insurance before you employ any drivers and start operating. Insurance will protect you, your employees, your business and the passengers.

Always buy chauffeur insurance from a reputable broker like Taxi Protection

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