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Reasons for insurance

I am very honest when I say that I do not agree with the false advertising of insurance companies who report that having insurance protects you and that it is a safeguard for yourself, your family and your possessions. We all know that having an insurance policy does not protect you from harm of theft. Have you ever seen or heard of for that matter of fact, of anybody who during a burglary has shoved their insurance policy in the face of the intruder shouting, ‘Hold it right there, Mr! I have insurance!’ The mere though makes me laugh, it is ridiculous yet these are some of the false advertising that insurance companies try and sell the general public.

Now, what insurance is good for however is the monetary value of the insured items if damaged or lost or in the case of death or disability; it gives you the financial security, to cover unexpected medical bills or the loss of a salary.

The insurance industry can be complicated at the beginning as there are many insurance policies from which to choose, each offering different amounts of coverage. And then there are also many companies offering insurance, you can even buy insurance from some well known food chains. With all these different products to choose from and from all these different places, it can be quite tricky, especially since the documents are not the easiest to navigate with all the terminology and fine print.

Speak to an insurance broker

So with all these thing you need to keep in mind, it is important that you speak to a trusted insurance broker, who can help you navigate your way through the insurance industry. Insurance brokers can either work for an insurance agency or they could work independently, and the role of the insurance broker is to help you understand what a particular policy covers and choose the most comprehensible cover for your needs.

Before contacting insurance brokers I would like to advise you to firstly do your own investigation as to what you need cover for and what the different insurance options are which are available to you. This is just for you to get a better idea of your needs and the products you want to buy. It is the same process you use when buying any other product, first you recognise your need then you inform yourself of some of the products on the market, then you speak to the salesman for his advice. People need to educate themselves first, so that they do not get duped into getting over-insured. And if it is a good insurance broker they would be happy that you took the time out to inform yourself of the different products available.

But I do however believe that once you have a better understanding of what you need, it is best to speak to an insurance broker and allow him to explain what is covered under a proposed policy. Insurance brokers are experts in their field and can offer you the most up to date expert advice.

You can get hold of an insurance broker by contacting an insurance firm, or you can find a broker online. Always remember that all insurance brokers need to be registered with the Financial Services Board, which ensures that they need to follow strict codes of conduct when arranging insurance business.

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