How To Receive Cheap Life Insurance Quote On Line

Illness can deprive us of our ability to earn a decent living; premature death is also a common happening. That is why if you are wise you should remain prepared for every eventuality. Different types of insurance policies have now been conceived to help you in that respect. If you do not have any coverage, visit online brokers to receive instant term life insurance quotes and start the process of purchase. Term life insurance is not only cost effective, but the coverage length can be chosen to suit your need. You can also keep conversion option open; if the need arises, you can convert it into a permanent policy.

However, if you are seriously looking for cheap life insurance rates pay attention to the following factors:

  • Buy the policy when you are still in thirties; younger people get better rates
  • You must be healthy and must have the right body mass index
  • You must not use tobacco in any form
  • Occupation or hobbies must not be hazardous
  • Driving records must be clean
  • Choose the term correctly; buying fresh insurance later in life will be costly

Remember that term life pays benefits only if the insured dies within the valid term. Therefore, it is natural that the carriers will not want to cover anybody who is likely die soon. After all, life insurance carriers are here to earn profit. That is why the age is a very important factor. The younger a person is, the longer he is likely to live and consequently lower will be the life insurance rates. Health of the candidate too is important for this reason only.  In fact, life insurance rates are based as much on the age of the person as on his health.

Hazardous occupations and hobbies can also cause premature death. Therefore, certain jobs or hobbies such as sky diving, mountaineering, white water rafting etc. will attract higher insurance rate. Then again, to attract lower rates, the person must have a good driving record because a poor driving record indicates that the person is prone to accidents or is very careless about his life. Use of tobacco too can cause higher rates because it has the potential to cause many serious illnesses like cancer, heart attacks etc. Therefore, if you use tobacco, you must stop the practice at least a year before applying for term life insurance.

When applying for term life insurance, you will be asked to provide complete medical records.  Any person who has a serious illness that can cut short their lives or debilitate them will automatically be rejected or attract higher rates of interest.  Finally, in order to get cheap life insurance rates, go in for a longer term for this will provide low rates.  People who have a serious illness can opt for critical life insurance that provides protection specifically for these people.

Now, if you use tobacco or even cocaine, or if you already have some ailments such as diabetics and blood cholesterol, you can look for term life insurance no medical. Such policies exempt you from taking the medical test. The coverage under this policy is based on few health question asked. The best thing about the policy is that every transaction can be completed online. Moreover, it has a very short underwriting process; the coverage is often extended within twenty-four hours. 

However, term life insurance no medical will attract much higher rates of interest for the insurance company has to protect themselves from any perceived future risk of insuring someone with a questionable medical record.  Insurance companies will access records from the medical bureau and if a person is found to be suffering from a terminal illness, they can be rejected.  Many people opt for this policy since they would rather pay higher rates than not have a policy at all.

On the pro side, no medical policies have very short and simple purchase procedure. Many people opt for this policy for this reason too. Actually, if you want to avoid, calls and visits by persistent insurance agents, you can opt to get a life insurance quote on line for traditional term life too. This way, you have the purchase process under control. As these quotes come free, you can get multiple quotes and compare them in your own time before deciding which policy and which carrier to opt for. Isn’t that really convenient?

 Article by David Livingston of EQuote. For more information on insurance term life and term life insurance no medical exam, visit his site today.

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