How To Get No Medical Exam Life Insurance Through A Quick Process.

With the insurance company when a person applies for a life insurance policy, the decision as to whether he should undergo a medical exam rests. To undergo a complete medical exam before the final insurance rates are fixed some insurance providers will require everyone who requests a life ins quote. For a large coverage amount  others will require applicants to undergo a medical exam only. Many insurers are now offering a no medical exam plan that requires only a few health questions to be answered before the policy is approved to entice more number of customers.

Many benefits are been offered applying for a no medical exam life insurance:

 Need not schedule an appointment at the clinic

Need not spend hours waiting for the medical examiner to show up

Need not provide urine or blood samples

Need not have needles poked or blood pressure taken

Need not wait for weeks before the doctor gives a medical report

Need not worry that the report will disqualify you from receiving a life insurance policy.

For this type of plan since there are so many benefits, many people do opt. Pay the first premium installment online using a credit card and get insurance coverage quickly with minimum hassles the policy is instant and you can get approval within a few hours. To change over to another plan or even cancel the plan altogether. If the latter case occurs, the insured will receive a full refund of all the money he paid to start the policy most insurance providers offer a 30-day period within which time they offer the insured. The insured will receive a full refund of all the money he paid to start the policy if the latter case occurs. Under the low cost life insurance category however what everyone must realize is that a ‘no medical exam’ plan will not come.

For this policy as against one where the applicant undergoes a complete medical exam most insurance companies charge much higher rates. This is called ‘proof of insurability’ and a medical exam establishes the health situation of an individual. For large coverage amounts and for longer periods of time if the applicant is provided a clean bill of health, the insurance company will automatically provide low cost insurance. For insurance coverage altogether if on the other hand, a medical test throws up some serious health issues, then the insurance provider can withdraw the offer. 

Receiving a life insurance quote on line is the best way to apply for a no medical exam life insurance plan. The entire process can be completed from your office or home without any need to visit the insurance office or meet with an agent. The first step is to request an online quote and mention the type of plan you want, the amount and period of coverage. If you want a no medical exam plan, the quote will also contain a few health questions. Answer them truthfully and you will know within a few minutes if you will qualify for coverage.

You can pay online and then print out the policy details that will be sent directly to your inbox if your application is approved. Receiving a ‘no exam policy’ is very simple and anyone can get one as long as they are over 18 years of age so, as you can see. Before signing up for one find out and compare online quotes so that you will know that this is really the plan that you need.  

Answering questions truthfully is important. Insurance companies have their own method of verifying the veracity of answers supplied by a policyholder. If any of the information is found to be false, the policy will be immediately cancelled and the insurer is under no obligation to return the payments made thus far. Getting multiple insurance quotes is the best way to understand the various plans, their costs and one that will suit your needs the best.

To sell their plans to a wider customer base providing online quotes for customers is a good way for insurance companies. To compare and appraise many policies and finally arrive at one that will suit them the best it is also the best way for people. Through mountains of information online search engines use the information you provide in an online quote and sift finally returning only qualified policies for you to study. For your family use this facility and get the right policy. 

 Article by David Livingston of EQuote. For more information on cheap life insurance and no medical life insurance, visit his site today.

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