How To Choose Medical Health Insurance Online – With No Losing Your Shirt



Maybe you have checked out a budget Internet health insurance online quotes yet? It is a shame, you might have saved some cash…but then again…How does a person know when the health insurance quote you get is a good deal? Have you been like me and just hate salesmen and saleswomen that contact you and want to “sell” you something? I am talking about, I understand they need to make a living too…but can’t they are doing it at someone else’s place on someone else’s phone? We have the “do not call” thing activated but I still get those telemarketer sales calls…You understand the ones that start off with…”Is __________ in the home?” Plus they pronounce your name wrong and right off the bat, you know it is a telemarketer. I usually am nice, unless they keep insisting…then look out…But usually I’ll just say, “Please take me off your list.” Then I just hang up. More than once I’ve had them say, “Wait I need to contact (me, pronounced wrong again) plus it really bugs me, oh or perhaps purchasing, they usually don’t call me back…Sometimes I really do think they receives a commission by how long they can keep you about the phone!


So, yah, I actually do have a problem with real estate agents, water conditioner salespeople, phone calling mutual fund brokers, kirby vacuum sales people, and door to door sellers. Oh and let’s not forget those people which go around handing out pamphlets. But, I must say i do hate the insurance policy sales people the worst. Why? Because I don’t like being pressured to buy something. Perhaps you have been in a store and had a salesperson greet you and follow you the store like a dog? I’ve, I hate it, bet you do too and we can’t wait to emerge from the store, right? So that brings me to insurance sales, especially medical insurance sales people.


Not long ago i lost my job. My job was with a great company for just two years. Used to do a good job approximately the boss said, but I got downsized anyway, like a lot of people in America today. I was wanted to try to keep my medical health insurance but checked and couldn’t spend the money for Cobra insurance premiums; heck what do they expect? That you could afford to pay for the health insurance costs that your employer was paying? Mine was $585.00 monthly for a single person! Can’t really swing that about what I get for unemployment now…so what is a person to complete? Not eat? Well, I was thinking maybe I might chance lacking health insurance for some time…Then I had a close friend that failed to have any health insurance. He had heart disease, got a stint and he got hit with a huge medical bill for angioplasty and i also freaked! I cranked up my PC so when off to the Internet in search of: “the best, one of a kind, cheapest, bet your bottom dollar we’re the best, health insurance plan” that I could find! Without losing my shirt, actually…

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