House Insurance Know Your Stuff

Know the house insurance basics before you call an insurance company to get an quotes. It is important that you know how the insurance industry works, also it is important to know which factors you can control which affect your premiums. Your house will most probably be one of your biggest investments, and you have to know as much about your home and what you can do to insure it as best you can against damage and the threat of theft of your household possessions. In this article we will be looking at what makes up house insurance and what you can do to affect your premiums.


Divisions within house insurance policy:


House structure: This is the insurance against damages done to the actual structure of the house in the case of; fire, explosions, impact, power surges, bursting and overflow of geysers, accidental damage to glass and sanitary ware and acts of nature. These are just some of the things covered and it is important to make sure exactly what you are covered for in this section.


Personal belongings: This is your household possessions, all things which are inside the home, and are not attached to the physical structure of the home. Some of your personal belongings which maybe insured are your; clothing, jewellery, furniture, art work and electronics.


Liability: If anybody hurts themselves on your property and feels that the accident was due to negligence on your part, they may sue you for damages. This insurance allows you to be covered in case something like this occurs.


It is advisable to check your home and make sure that everything is fixed and in good condition, as well as make sure that your home is properly secured. These are the two factors which are within your control, which greatly affect your insurance costs.


A homes value as well as the cost of an insurance policy is greatly determined by the condition the house is in; if a house is maintained well, it will be of more value, and also it will lower your monthly premiums. Insurance companies when evaluating your home will look to see if the house needs any repairs, or electrical and plumbing work done, if you do have these problems then you can expect your insurance to be much higher. So before that happens, make the necessary repairs and replacements. Get your house into the best possible shape and lower your insurance.


Did you know that the area in which you live affects your premiums? Well you may not be able to move into a safer area but you can secure your property and home so that you can lower your premiums. Some of these changes could be as simple such as installing a sensor light outside your home, or you could install some of these safety features. An alarm system is a must have, or burglar bars, also if you have valuable such as expensive jewels then lock it in a safe. The outside of your property can be secured by installing a automated gate, by raising the fencing or by placing barbed wire or other types of security spokes on the tops of your walls. A simple measure would be use gravel on the walk ways and driveways, so that you can be alerted when an intruder is on your property.


I hope you have a better understanding of house insurance and how certain measures can lower your insurance premiums.

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