Guarding Your Favorite Partner Through Pet Theft

Certainly, pet theft might not be usual to you. However, this really exists. There are many unscrupulous individuals out there that rob the pets of other people for any causes they have in mind. As well, there are those who accidentally found the pet of others and hold it for them. Other people are intentionally taking the pet of others. Some of the reasons behind pet theft contain the selling of those pets in shops or to be utilized for study in the labs. And in most detrimental cases, pets are being stolen to be fed to other animals and to be used as puppy mill breeders and even to be stolen to obtain their apparel used for making textiles or accessories.

The Research Indicates…

In america alone, research indicates that there are two types of pet dealers. They are classified as Class A and class B. For those who are categorized under the class A, the dealers are creating breeding colonies. Yet, they maintained substantial standards of these pets or creatures. They also hire vets just to ensure that the animals are in their utmost conditions.

For the class B sellers, they used to obtain animals from any sources and any functions and they do not look at high standard procedures as the Class A dealers do. The legislations concerning the process of Class B are not being enforced properly with only minimal inspectors to inflict the regulations specified for them. This is where pet theft generally arises.

In the custody of the Class B sellers, the pet or animals are not being handled well. And typically, their sellers are working on pet theft or some other illegal methods to get animals for free. There are numerous pets or animals around, just roaming are being taken by these immoral people and carry them under their custody. As well, the pets they got will be sent to other areas. While some are frustrated in getting their pets, these unethical individuals are spinning money on their hands.

Protect Your Pet
As pet owners, you should create ways to avoid the incident of pet theft. Putting collars on your pet or name tag that contains your recent address and contact information may help in protecting your pet. As well, you must not abandon your pet anywhere, at recreation area or in any places. Keeping current photos will help in case of losing your pet.

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