Getting The Most Suitable Protection With Laptop Computer Insurance Protection

Laptop insurance is also known by the name of gadget insurance

As the name suggests, these are insurance products aimed specifically at things like mobile phones, iPods, iPads and BlackBerrys etc.  These gadgets are expensive and many times individuals struggle to manage without them.


The portable nature of these gadgets and the way in which we use them, make them specifically vulnerable to risks like theft and accidental damage.


Typically your laptop may be a very importnant tool for work along with personal needs. In either case, laptop computer cover insurance could help you better manage the situation if your laptop was stolen or broken beyond repair.


Laptop cover


The main features of insurance for laptops may typically include cover for:


  • theft from a secure premises like your home or car;
  • unintentional damage including from liquids;
  • breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.


In all of these circumstances, you may find that some policies may guarantee a 48 hour replacement of your laptop, once your claim had been approved.


Terms and conditions


As with any insurance protection product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them. Bear in mind you may not be able to claim for theft unless you have reported it and have a crime number.


Theft insurance cover may also only apply if there is forced entry. Never leave your gadget unattended, usually it will not be protected against theft if you do.


In the case of damage claims, then typically only accidental damage may be covered. If you take the back off of your laptop to have a poke around and then can’t get it all back together again, your insurance will be unlikely to pick up the tab.


Additional features worth thinking about


There may also be additional benefits inlcuded in the policy:


  • up to 3 GB data storage so you might be sure of being able to reinstate your precious photos and contact details if you had to replace your laptop;
  • protection whereever you are in the world;
  • you may also qualify for a discount on insurance for your other gadgets when you opt for laptop computer insurance.



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