Gadget Insurance: How Would You Cope If Something Happened To One Of Your Gizmos?

There isn’t any doubt that gadgets form such an integral part of most of our lives and you’d probably be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t have at least one gadget that they say they couldn’t do without. That is why gadget insurance may be worth considering.

Gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, laptops, sat navs, ipads and games consoles etc can often work very expensive to replace or repair. Consider the fact that if something were to happen and you failed to take out insurance, then you either have to pay out again or manage without your gadget. If either of these predicaments do not bother you, then gadget insurance may not be something you want.

However, if the thought if having to shell out what could be hundreds of pounds to replace or repair your gadget – or to simply do without it – then having insurance in place may be a wise move.

So what is gadget insurance and what do you need to know? Consider the following tips:

1. Policy features and benefits may vary depending on the provider, so always be certain you know what the cover entails;
2. Gadget insurance is generally called by different names, for instance phone cover, camera protection or Blackberry insurance;
3. Cover might include events such as theft, accidental damage and breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.
4. Bear in mind when taking out insurance than usually loss is not covered but may be added on for additional cost;
5. Buying cover from the retailer at the time you buy your gadget may not be the most cost-effective way to get cover. Always shop around – you can do this online quickly and easily;
6. Some providers will offer multi-gadget discounts if you insure more than one device with them;
7. Look out for added-value cover, such as one month’s cover free, or a guaranteed 48 hour replacement or repair in the event of a successful claim;
8. Check out the coverage excesses. Bear in mind that the excess is the amount that you need to pay towards a claim. The excess amount may differ among the different providers;
9. Look for a gadget insurer that has a customer services department that may be contacted by the telephone and not email – should you need to make a claim, at least you will be able to get prompt help;
10. Does the insurance provider offer protection outside of the UK? If you like to travel a lot, for business or pleasure, obtaining gadget insurance that gives your device worldwide protection may be worth looking for.

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