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The year 2005 was a record for hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions, with meteorologists running out of alphabet letters used to name hurricanes and tropical storms headed towards the United States Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Unfortunately a few of these hurricanes, including Dennis, Katrina and Wilma caused major destruction on both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico sides of Florida.

Since Florida is located in the middle of an active hurricane area, for six months out of the year, locating affordable Homeowners insurance coverage is very difficult for many homeowners and sustaining and repaying those Homeowners insurance policies is equally as difficult for insurance providers. To help you resolve this vexing problem I advise you to contact Orlando Homeowners Insurance.

For almost twenty years, many Florida homeowners were covered by state run insurance called the Residential Joint Underwriting Association. Not until recently have private homeowners insurance carriers begun to offer homeowners insurance policies in regions of Florida,, where hurricane damage is most apt to happen.

Whether going through the state run Residential Joint Underwriting association or going through a private home insurance agency, there is no question that Homeowners insurance will be extremely expensive anywhere near the coast in Florida. A similar home elsewhere may cost sixty percent less to insure than it would on the coast of Florida, due to the additional coast of hurricane coverage.

Since most insurance policies only cover certain natural disasters that could occur anywhere in the country, most often hurricane damage is not included in this policy. For that reason, Florida homeowners have to go about purchasing extra hurricane insurance to make sure their home will be covered in case hit by one of these ocean storms.

A law was recently passed in 2005 in Florida that requires plain language on insurance policies so that homeowners can easily understand the terms of their policy without being confused by the legal terminology. Before this, many Florida homeowners were left with no insurance coverage or had to apply for Federal or Florida aid because many did not realize that hurricane coverage does not coverage all flood damage. To help resolve these difficulties and get a clear explanation regarding your insurance needs we recommend orlando homeowners insurance.


If Florida homeowners reside in an area that could be considered a storm surge area, usually even up to 25 feet from the ocean, then they need to consider including flood insurance as a separate clause to their Homeowners insurance. Be sure to discuss with your insurance agent exactly what types of water damage are covered in the hurricane insurance policy and the flood policy to make sure you are covered from all eventualities when encountering a hurricane.


Legislation is being proposed that will limit the amount of surcharges that Florida homeowners can be charged to help prevent price gouging. If legislation is passed, this will help level out private and public insurance rates for Floridians, making it easier to acquire insurance from year to year even though they live in an extremely high risk area.

If recent Florida transplant and have moved to Florid between June and November, which is hurricane season, you may not be able to get hurricane insurance coverage for the first season, as most insurance companies will not issue hurricane insurance policies until subsequent to hurricane season.

This is a preventative measure to guard against those who may acquire the insurance temporarily and then discard it at the conclusion of hurricane season. Before closing on a home, consider adding the current Homeowners policy into the contract on the home to ensure that you will be covered for the first season. If this is not possible, you may be able to find insurance to cover a hurricane but it could be very costly.


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