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At this point in time, it’s now possible to obtain instant life insurance coverage without going through the usual required medical exams by insurance accredited medical facilities or hospitals. Many people looking for instant life insurance are often seeking to avoid the problems of having to search for the accredited facility. It could still help, however, if you’re pretty familiar with your health background as well as your current state of health, it’s better as you will be asked certain questions about these topics, amongst others. It is vital that you answer honestly and be as precise as you possibly can. This helps keep the instant life insurance quotes of premium costs as accurate as possible.


Consumer educators recommend that the majority of buyers select term insurance such as an instant life insurance to be able to afford adequate coverage. This recommendation assumes you’ll build financial assets as you get older, thus reducing the need for life insurance. Term insurance offers the most protection for the money. Term insurance is often called “pure protection” since it pays benefits only when the insured person dies. It’s a lot like automobile, house, and health insurance as it pays only if there’s a loss. If the insured dies within the policy term, the beneficiary is paid the face value of the insurance policy.


Coverage for a term life insurance is given for a specific time period or term, usually 1-5 years, or as long as 10 to 20 years. Numerous policies may be renewed repeatedly, which means they potentially offer lifelong coverage. Some policies provide protection up to age 100, others only to age 65 or 70. The insurance policy should be renewed or repurchased to keep it in effect.


You’ll find several types of term life insurance.  First one is guaranteed level term life insurance.  It’s the most popular type of term life insurance. It’s popular due to the very long term coverage and low cost it provides. These types of life insurance policies have premiums which are meant to remain level for a period of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 years.   Second type is return of premium term life insurance.  ROP is a kind of life insurance plan that provides a guaranteed refund of the life insurance premiums after the term period, assuming the insured is still living. This kind of term life insurance policy is more costly than traditional term life insurance, but the premiums are meant to stay level. They are often significantly less costly than permanent types of life insurance, however, just like many permanent policies, they may still offer cash surrender values if the insured doesn’t pass away. ROP policies are available in 15, 20, or 30-year terms.


Also a term life insurance type, such as instant life insurance or no medical life insurance, happens to be annually renewable term life insurance.  It’s a type of term life insurance policy that has increasing premiums. The premiums increase each year to reflect the probability of your death in any given year.  Such type of term life insurance plan is unpopular and in most cases only bought whenever the coverage is needed for one year or less. This occurs frequently in business deals.

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