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General contractors insurance
As being a general sub contractor you’ve got allot of matters to consider prior to start a job. 1st you have to evaluate a job, then supplies, workplace tools, what number of employees you need…the list goes on and on. Following all this you assess an ballpark figure and offer it over to the customer. But imagine if something goes wrong? are you fully insured for onsite hazards? Ya know most contractors get a foul rap. People constantly believe you would like to pull one over on them. Clients never understand all the effort, and cash it requires to be a contractor.
If a employee drills through a partition and it shorts out the electrical system breaking their new-fangled TV or computer, are you appropriately insured? Drop a hammer on their new hardwood floors, or an employee falls off a ladder. All of this stuff that you’ve got worry about and pay out of pocket for they never see. You need a suitable contractors liability insurance coverage that will insure, business auto insurance, people comp for your employees, tool insurance, medical/health benefits, excess liability, these things are hard to be a part of a ballpark figure. The customer always “assumes” that all they are having to pay for is material, not the additional bits and pieces. A general sub contractor is answerable for providing all of the material, workers, tools and services needed for the completion of a building project. Occasionally a general sub contractor has to hire an electrician, and also a plumber to perform all or portions of the construction work. Once the work is accomplish you have to obtain a cleaning crew, a dumpster to confirm the state inspector signs off on your hard earned work and labor. And even when the customer looks at all the work you’ve got accomplished, and the job is finished they say “do you think you’re kidding I thought it was only going to cost X”. “What the heck is all this additional bits and pieces”.
Ya know being a general contractor “Occasionally it looks like you just can’t win”. But at the very least with a appropriate general liability insurance package you do not have to worry about job site incidents.

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