Consider Short-term Major Health Care Insurance In The US



What exactly is Short Term Health care insurance


Short term medical care insurance is temporary health care insurance and is designed for people who are between permanent health plans. Short term medical insurance in america is available and ideal for those who are unemployed, between jobs, have just finished college and looking forward to that perfect job, retired or an alternative choice to COBRA. There are many medical health insurance companies that offer this type of medical coverage. This medical insurance plan provides many insurance benefits while keeping the premiums reasonably competitive.


Listed below are the following those who can apply beneath the various plans of Short-term medical insurance


oThose who’re 65 years of age or younger and are not eligible for Medicare. Both person and their spouse qualify under the scheme.


oChildren who are aged between 2 – 18 years of age and are dependent may also be eligible.


oThose who’re full time students and therefore are below Twenty five years of age


oChildren who’re of 19 years and above but are dependent on their parents will also be eligible but should apply separately.


Dollar Value Benefits


The huge benefits are provided per person insured as much as 2 million and the deductible amounts can differ from $250, $500, $1000 and $2500. These benefits will accrue for the person following the deductibles are completed. The Short term medical insurance companies normally give a 50/50 copay plan (you have to pay half, your insurer pays half) or an 80/20 plan where the insurance company pays 80% with the cost and you also pay 20%. These plans do not cover preventive care, routine medical exams, or pre-existing medical conditions


Since the plans offered under Temporary medical insurance in the US are not HMOs or PPOs, the insured can choose any doctor or any preferred network. Short-term medical insurance in the US is given to get a very small amount of time period, although these policies can usually be renewed following the expiration date. Any condition occurring during this period is treated being a pre existing condition during the coverage from the renewed insurance coverage. Those who are over 64 years and wish to get a renewal won’t be eligible for a renewal under the Short term medical policy.

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