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There are a surprising number of people owning their own Lorries for personal enjoyment. During the long days of a UK summer, you can journey to any part of the country and enjoy gatherings of classic and antiquated heavy vehicles, lovingly restored and maintained by their enthusiastic owners. These rallies are one of the peculiar joys of an English summer, often attracting visitors in their 1,000’s.

Of course, if you’re a classic lorry owner, you’ll need to find very specific lorry insurance to drive to and from the rallies, or drive anywhere else for that matter. In order to drive on British roads, you must be insured, but finding the correct insurance for your needs can seem daunting. Thankfully specialist insurance companies now exist to offer cover for all types of lorry, including classics.

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Specific lorry insurance shares many similarities with hgv insurance. The obvious difference is in exact vehicle type. In the simplest of terms, a lorry is a single goods vehicle with a fixed axle, whereas an HGV will tend to consist of a cab plus trailer. Lorries used for commercial use carry the same risks as do their larger HGV cousins. Apart from the obvious accident and breakdown worries, lorry drivers must also consider tight delivery schedules, damage of goods and even theft. Much reported in the media lately, many scams are operating throughout the UK where criminals will raid Lorries whilst their drivers are resting. Insurance policies are available to cover this eventuality; these are well worth looking into if your cargo is particularly valuable or vulnerable.

For the classic lorry owners, mileage is usually not an issue. Insurance policies for classics are surprisingly reasonable if you average less than 5,000 miles per year. It is surprising just how many types of unusual lorries are covered by policies easy to find online: even an old fire engine, a traction engine or harvester all fall under the category of ‘lorry’. Having a good look round for policies catering for your exacting needs will save you £100’s, with the internet as the first place to begin your search.

Ultimately, whether you’re insuring a working van for commercial purposes or a wonderfully restored classic, the policy you choose will contain similar elements. In both of these cases, a policy containing theft and damage of goods as well of vehicle is essential. It is also advisable to insure against breakdown, especially if you’re heading off to your favourite classics rally in your fully restored 1960’s fire engine…