Compare Chauffeur Insurance

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Chauffeur hire is used for many occasions. Business people often employ chauffeurs to get them to and from important meetings. Time can be of the essence, so a chauffeur is invaluable to someone who has a hectic working life. Of course chauffeurs are also used for private hire too. Weddings, engagements and other celebratory events are times when people require the services of a chauffeur. No-one wants to be caught driving under the influence! Chauffeurs are ideal for social, domestic or pleasurable use to carry passengers to their intended destinations. No chauffeur however should be without Chauffeur Insurance.

Vehicle insurance is mandatory in the UK. If you own a company that provides chauffeurs and limousines as a fleet of vehicles, then additional insurance is absolutely necessary. If self-employed individuals own a single vehicle and use this as a chauffeur service, they also require the correct insurance. Private hire is the common term for carrying passengers who have pre-booked the vehicle. No company employing chauffeurs should be without adequate insurance policies. Apart from the dangers on the UK roads, passengers can also sometimes cause damage to a vehicle, whether accidentally or otherwise. If the unfortunate happens and your chauffeur has a collision, the driver and passengers need to be adequately covered.
What does chauffeur insurance cover? A fully comprehensive insurance package covers all the key areas.

Public Hire Vehicle

Accidental damage, fire and theft, unlimited windscreen damage as well as unlimited passenger liability. Other areas insured are driving, personal accident, corporate manslaughter including any legal expenses. Additional insurance policies can also be taken out, the more the better. It’s wise to be totally insured rather than partly insured. Reputable UK insurance providers can insure chauffeurs who work from home through to chauffeur fleets. They specialise in executive chauffeur hire insurance for all businesses, no matter how large or small.

Do you need an immediate insurance quotation? If so, submit your details by completing an insurance form online. Helpful advisers will e-mail you or call you back with a confirmed quotation. Don’t be surprised to be offered substantial savings compared to your current policy. Professional UK insurance specialists have many years of experience in helping chauffeurs in finding the best deals. They compare insurance packages using their business contacts, tailor-making an insurance product to your individual needs. E-mail them or give a telephone call. Payments can be made yearly, quarterly or in easy monthly instalments.