Coach Insurance

Union Pacific Super-Coach Bus, 1938
Creative Commons License photo credit: aldenjewell

Coaches are seen as a vital service to the community. They transport many people to different locations everyday. Schools, youth groups and churches use this form of transportation. Other organisations employ the services of coaches too, care homes, community groups as well as voluntary workers. Coaches are seen on the busy UK roads no matter what time, day and night. They are a major cog in the bigger picture of the country’s transport system. Without them, many non-drivers would be unable to get from A to B quickly. Whether you own one vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles, you require Coach Insurance.

Coach drivers have a responsibility to ensure their passengers’ safety is paramount at all times. Therefore if you don’t have the correct insurance in place, you are walking a fine line. If a compensation claim is made against you because you or a member of staff has been negligent, then a customer has the right to sue. If this happens the consequences of not being correctly insured could lead to financial ruin. You can be prosecuted, heavily fined or even a custodial sentence may be imposed. As well as this, your business reputation will be in tatters with all the hard work you and your staff have put in, undone.

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Have a think about what your insurance policy should cover. The three most important policies are Public Liability, Employers Liability and Personal Accident. Public Liability protects your workforce, volunteers and staff in case accidents occur to other people or damage to their property, for which you are responsible. Employers Liability has been a legal obligation since 1969. It is therefore a legal requirement and must be displayed in your premises in a prominent position for workers to be able to see.

Personal Accident covers coach drivers against accidental bodily injury sustained during the course of their duties whilst in your employment.
A major UK online insurance company will provide the correct coach insurance. They have low starter premiums and many important option covers. Being correctly insured minimises disruption to your business organisation if an insurance claim is made against you.

Other insurance products are available, so contact an experienced online provider for help and advice concerning any issues you may have. Don’t forget, many customers are only too keen to use the services of no-win no-fee solicitors, this happens regularly. Ensure your coach business is comprehensively insured.