Buying Cheaper Van Insurance

Not wanting to spend a lot of money on van insurance, is not always in your best interest, as sometimes you do not have the best insurance policy for your vehicle that you really need. Rather, look at means of reducing your motoring costs instead of cutting back on insurance premiums.

Insurance companies when quoting a policy for you, look at various factors pertaining to your van. They check the mileage the van does on average, the type of cover you request and the voluntary excess, the market value of your van, the security that you have for it and where you keep it overnight. Some of these are in your control so it is worth checking out the self-actions to get cheaper van insurance.

When applying for van insurance, do make sure that you disclose all information on what you use your van for. If you do not do so, there may be a problem when needing to make a claim. In fact if you have not declared all necessary information, they might not pay out at all.

How premiums are arrived at

Premiums for vans are dependent on the different types of vans on the market, with the make and models divided into different groups of insurance, being used to fixing the annual premium. Risks determine a rating that runs from one to twenty, with one being the lowest risk and twenty the highest. To be eligible for a lower rating it is advisable to buy one that falls in to the under five group.

It does not matter whether you use your van for social or commercial use, every driver aims to get cheaper van insurance.

What insurance companies want to know

• Are you using the van for business transportation of tools such as those necessary for plumbers, builders or gardeners
• Are you using the van for transporting other peoples good for payment? In other words, for delivery
• Using the van for domestic and pleasure use. This also allows you to use your van taking you to and from your workplace as well.

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Commercial Van Insurance

Using a van for commercial purpose is so useful for making smaller deliveries. It is easier to park than a large lorry and is lighter on petrol, making it a much more economical vehicle to run. Furthermore, if needs be, it can be converted to an overnight sleeper if you have to make a long haul trip and want to cut the cost of sleeping in hotels.

Like all other motorised vehicles, commercial vans need to have insurance. One can never be too careful on the road, and commercial vans spend many hours driving around the country, so requiring adequate insurance as a precaution from any potential hazards that have a habit of nastily suddenly pouncing.

Besides the vehicle tax, it is also compulsory to have third party insurance for vans and that they be kept in good roadworthy condition, otherwise their annual licence is not renewable.

There is a choice of three main types of commercial van insurance packages for selection.

Third party insurance is a basic form of insurance that covers your liability for bodily injury or death to others and to their property.

Third party fire and theft covers risks from third party and the risk of fire damage and should there be theft of your vehicle.

Some of the insurers will include for you in your third party, fire and theft policy, and the contents of your van as well. Otherwise, it is possible to have it added on as an optional extra to the policy.

A comprehensive cover policy for commercial van insurance automatically includes third party fire and theft or damage caused by accidents or vandalism to your van. Insurers may also include a personal accident benefit cover for you if you are injured, or should die in an accident.

Overall, commercial van owners tend to work their vehicles hard and keep them for as long as possible before replacing them. Because of this, vans do have the tendency to break down more often than cars, so it is worthwhile for commercial van owners to include a breakdown clause into their policy contract.

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The Types of Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary van insurance

At times, you need day van insurance cover when using a different driver from the usual one employed for the driving of a particular van. This is an easy product to purchase and bought within minutes, covering drivers from twenty- one years old until the age of seventy-five inclusive. Temporary van cover is suitable for usage from one to twenty-eight days, and easily bought on the internet with a credit card. Alternatively, it is available on a weekly basis, making it suitable for longer operations when they are necessary. A temporary van insurance policy is comprehensive and you are able to print out the certificate within minutes, either at home or in an office. This short-term product is perfect for the occasions when either, you need to borrow a van or let somebody else use yours.

Day Insurance

With a temporary day cover, you are able to drive somebody else’s van with a comprehensive 24 hour insurance policy. Driving whilst using the ‘driving other vehicles’ clause in either your or the van owner’s policy, only gives you third party cover, meaning that in the event of an accident, you would be liable for payment if any damage to the van should occur.

This list provides you with the types available of a day van insurance or temporary van insurance cover

• Emergency cover for a temporary driver, or else an additional vehicle
• Temporary cover for driving another van, borrowing a friends vehicle, or travelling on a driving holiday
• Day cover while waiting for delivery of another vehicle
• Daily cover for test-driving a private van or a dealers demonstrator
• Temporary cover for driving a dealer’s courtesy car while yours is in for service or repair

Even though this insurance is temporary, buying it still means following all the golden rules of insurance. This means, buying from a reputable insurance provider, the cheapest doesn’t always mean the best cover and read the policy to understand levels of cover and exclusions.

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Getting the best domestic van insurance deal

It’s easy to be confused by the many insurance cover providers claiming to have the best deals.

Make the right choice

The best way of getting the best domestic van insurance cover is by shopping around for the most competitive rates. Also, buy insurance from a reputable company. A low cost policy from a minor insurer may seem tempting but in tough economical times, small insurance companies face as much risk as any other enterprise.

Help yourself

It is important to maximize the value for money aspect of your domestic van insurance. Do not compromise on the cover needed just to reduce the premium costs. Do not pay for optional extras unless they are necessary to you. Your insurance policy should be tailored as much to your personal needs as much as possible thereby you are getting full worth of what you are paying for. There are also steps you can take to reduce the amount of your premiums such as parking your van in a secure area. Even your driveway is considered more secure than the street.

Beat the quote

Making price comparisons of various insurance companies is vital. If you are renewing, let your current provider know you are looking around – if they want your business badly enough they will match or undercut other quotes you obtain. Make sure their offer is equivalent to the best you other quotes you find and there is a genuine value for money offer. Additional extras that you don’t need, do not convert to monetary savings in real terms. New customer discounts can be very attractive but read the terms and conditions – if the policy is not fully suitable, the resultant cost saving may prove worthless.

Get it online

The proliferation of online comparison and sales sites has made getting all kinds of insurance so much easier but there are still points to remember:

Some very large UK insurance household names do not allow their policies on comparison websites so if you’re only happy with big name cover you’ll need to visit their sites directly.

The ease of use of the web sites means it is easy to fall into the trap of not reading the policy properly and you could end up with the wrong cover.

Remember, if you’re looking for domestic van insurance, specify so, as the terms will be different than insurance for a van intended for commercial use.

Lastly, if a deal seems too good to be true – it might well be so, so read the terms even more carefully.

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Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

With approximately 100,000 people each year being convicted of driving offences in the UK this means that more and more drivers are now forced to seek insurance as a convicted driver. This can be especially difficult when it comes to getting low-cost insurance for vans as insurers typically take a dim view of people who have had driving convictions in the past.

This does not always mean that it’s impossible for you to get comprehensive insurance for vans if you are a convicted driver. In previous years it was unlikely, but now there are a variety of organisations which specialise in helping convicted drivers get comprehensive insurance for vans at a low-cost.

The factors which would prohibit a convicted driver from low-cost insurance are taken into account by many of these providers, and they make sure that convicted drivers are not pushed on to sky-high insurance premiums because of them. Just some of these convictions include:

• People who have completed a driving ban.
• Convicted drivers, as a result of an accident.
• Drink and drug driver schemes.
• Minor convictions.
• Multiple convictions.

Schemes are typically tailored personally by these organisations to the driver in question. This is very unlike conventional insurance schemes as these insurers are not interested in choosing a one size fits all insurance policy.

Another problem which can often arise for convicted drivers is that many of these convictions are given complicated reference numbers and codes which the majority of people just don’t understand because they have never encountered them before. This is why taking out insurance with the help of a specialist can take away the confusion because they will know what to do for the best.

Convicted drivers don’t have to worry about not being able to be fully covered either because they tend to offer all the same benefits and levels of cover which a conventional insurance policy would offer, such as; cover for theft, cover against fire, third party cover, and courtesy vans should your own van need to be repaired.

Furthermore, you are not required to make any long-term commitments because you are a convicted driver. Taking out insurance from a provider which is specialised in helping convicted van drivers means that you have both short and long-term policies at your disposal.

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