Can You Afford Cheap Phone Insurance Protection?

Have you considered the cost of losing your mobile phone?. Together with many other mobile phone users, you may be curious about cheap phone insurance.


When comparing insurance you could find that the cost of cover differs substantially.


Looking for cheap phone insurance protection based on price alone may not tell you all you need to know to get a suitable deal and it important to remember that what you may think is a cheap policy may not be considered cheap by someone else.


When considering insurance for your phone there are many things you may wish to consider.


Does the insurance policy carry an excess?


This is the amount of money that you may need to contribute yourself to any claim.


Different insurance providers may have different levels of excess and lower premiums may indicate a higher excess.


Depending on your view of things, you may opt for a slightly higher premium if it comes with a lower excess. On the other hand, you may well prefer to get the benefit of the lower premium and deal with the excess if the need arises.


What about breakdown cover?


If your phone breaks down while still within the manufacturer’s warranty period then your insurance protection won’t get involved at all. Usually you may get your phone repaired or even a new one.


Some mobile phone insurance providers may offer cover for breakdowns outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.


Cover for accidental damage


Good mobile phone cover insurance cover should be able to provide protection against accidental damage to your phone. This might often include damage to the phone that was through getting it wet.


It is unlikely to include any damage resulting from you trying to fit accessories or modify your cell phone in any way.


Theft and loss


It you leave your phone lying about and it gets stolen, then most insurance providers just won’t cover that situation.


The theft of a mobile phone may typically only be covered if it is taken by forced entry from a secure location.  You possibly will also have to report the theft to the police within a specified time period and get a crime number to back up your claim.


Accidental loss of the phone may not be included.


Anything else I wish to think about?


As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.


Knowing what cover is provided is important, but so is knowing how long your phone cover insurance provider will take to resolve your claim once approved.


A policy may be able to save you a great deal of money.


Some providers may offer a 48-hour replacement service once your claim has been approved.


You’ll also find that there are some packages for cheap phone insurance on offer, which may include up to 3GB of data backup for contacts lists etc. So once you get your phone back, you can promptly and easily reinstate all your important information.


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