Buy To Let And Holiday Home Insurance

Purchasing holiday home insurance for a property that you don’t spend much time in can be a tricky and confusing process.

Whether your second home is here in Britain or in France for example there are many pitfalls which you need to look out for. Some insurers won’t your property if some-one else was staying there instead of you, some have restrictive loopholes like draining heating systems if you’re not in residence in the winter months while others won’t cover injuries to third parties if you’ve lent your second property to friends or family and some-one gets hurt.

The property you need to insure might not even be a second home for you, if you buy to let then you will most likely need a buy to let insurance package which would cover things like fire, lightening, earthquake or explosion, aircraft or vehicle strike, flood or hurricane, leaking oil or water pipes, theft or forcible entry, riots, civil disorder or malicious damage, subsidence or landslide or falling trees. The list is endless and, if you’re not there, with many insurers you won’t be covered and if one of your rguests happened to be injured in the catastrophic even that any of these scenario took place you, as the landlord, would be liable to cover bills like compensation and medical expenses plus the costs of repairs to your property.

Which is a sobering thought, isn’t it? That’s why it is so important to make sure you have complete cover when you’re insuring a buy to let property.

If, you’re insuring a holiday home for your use which is abroad insurance can become even trickier, just think about the different laws and the use of a different language when going through all the clauses!

If you’re looking for Portuguese, Spanish or French property insurance, if you’re not a native speaker it’s always advisable to get the small print translated to avoid finding that your insurance doesn’t cover something you find you desperately need.


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