BlackBerry Phone Cover Is It A Good Idea?

Only you as the owner of a Blackberry may decide if taking out Blackberry phone insurance is suitable.

To start with though, it might be worth answering one question in your own mind instantly.  Would you prefer to be considering whether or not BlackBerry phone insurance protection might be a good idea:

  • just shortly after your BlackBerry has been stolen or suffered some other form of mishap or;
  • ahead of any such thing happened?

The outline

Of course, as with any insurance product, terms and conditions exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

However, policies normally protect the BlackBerry owner against the ever-present risks of accidental damage/destruction, theft and breakdowns outside of the manufacturers warranty period.

Some policies may offer loss protection as an optional extra.

Some mobile phone insurance providers might also be able to offer you:

  • a fast replacement of the phone if your claim is approved;
  • cover for any unauthorised telephone calls made after it had been stolen;
  • 3GB of storage so as to back-up and protect some of your key data;
  • protection abroad if you have your BlackBerry with you.

Not all policies will necessarily offer these elements of cover but you may find some that do.


Keep in mind that a few policies may understandably expect you to meet an obligation to try and keep your device safe.

That means you may need to ensure that it is securely locked away if you have left it unattended.

You may also have to prove and support claims for theft with a police crime number obtained less than 24 hours after the event occurred.

Also take into account that if you damage the phone while trying to repair it or fit accessories to it you may not be able to claim.

BlackBerry phone insurance isnt likely to ever become compulsory – so only you can come to a conclusion as to whether or not it makes sense for you. However, if you try to imagine the situation where something goes wrong and you dont have it, you may decide that finding out more makes sense.

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