Be Careful Of Home Insurance Loopholes

Today I got home after having a long day at work, thinking of a truly interesting discussion we had at the office. The general conversation for reasons uknown ended in a heavy discussion about insurance cover. 50 percent of the office was pro-insurance and the other fifty percent was of the strong belief that insurance policies are only for those who live recklessly.

I (being a extremely cautious, careful, everything that can go wrong will go wrong kinda girl) am of course on the pro-insurance squad and have made it my quest to prove exactly how many hazards are lurking around each nook of your “safe and secure” family residence! I am going to therefore demonstrate that home insurance is a “must” and not a “maybe”!

The most obvious protection is possibly cover against robbery. Even though we live in a lovely country, the reality is however that we also have one of the highest criminal activity rates known to man and that a burglary can take place any time – early morning, noon or night! We tend to be practically starting to adopt the outlook of “I don’t care that they took the contents of my entire home, I am lucky to be alive!” Positivity is of course necessary, but if your home contents are not covered as part of your home insurance policy, you won’t feel that optimistic anymore!

Not long ago we woke up one evening with the noise of running water in the background. As we were finally conscious enough to realize that we aren’t camping out next to a lovely waterfall, we came to the realization that our geyser has in fact burst and the dripping noise was the sound of our whole home receiving a free rinse! Fortunately, our insurance provided for this less-than-pleasant episode and our brand new geyser was mounted the very next day.

My neighbor had a related event at his home. The only difference was that instead of a geyser, it was a aquarium with a couple of tons of water along with a collection of pretty expensive tropical fish that ended up gasping for air on his living room floor…and on the couch… and on the very expensive coffee table… and…

It’s also possible to cover yourself in the event of more specific situations. This ought to be discussed with your insurance provider – never assume that your home insurance scheme automatically covers you for everything related to your house!

What if the hyperactive little boy next door decides to rehearse his target shooting skills on your extremely expensive mosaic sliding door… will you be covered? And in the event that your automated garage doors’ motor gets stuck while you’re at the office and burns out the motor? Those things are expensive to replace, does your insurance policy cover that? Then there are the so-called acts of nature which include anything from floods and fire to lightning strikes. It’s amazing how just one lightning strike will take out that expensive home cinema system and state of the art laptop or computer that you’re still struggling to pay back… will that be covered and to which extent?

I trust this proves to my naïve co-workers that home insurance needs to be paid with a smile – you will never know when you might need it!

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