Antique Motor Insurance 101


The ability to own an old-fashioned car is worth it because it will probably never be repeated; owners of these cars would never consider minimizing their insurance policy. With such fascination with old cars you will not be surprised to master there are antique motor insurance companies that require a particular fascination with insuring this kind of vehicle. That is obviously great for the person looking for the classic auto insurance as they have ample companies to choose from.


Mainstream auto insurers are also now able to provide this type of insurance for antique cars which they have a name for; ‘collectors auto insurance’. Although the policies might appear the same as regular auto cover provides, they are not and the agent will demand exact information on the car being insured before a complete quotation can be supplied. They will also assist you to decide which forms of coverage are in your target budget and which deductible and limit levels you will need.


It is important to realize that the company you might be insuring your antique car with isn’t just reliable and includes a good reputation but they have been established for quite some time. The other benefit of this type of insurer is their ability to arrange the protection on any regular vehicle you own. The security of having an established company provide antique motor insurance for an older car is worth the premium that they will charge you to provide with satisfaction.


Large numbers of those who own old cars still insure their vehicles using the specialist auto insurers but will need to use a standard auto insurer for just about any other car. Many of these independent insurance companies will only insure a specific type of classic car, therefore the car you try to insure can be a rare one, it might be difficult to find a provider that may insure it.


Research is the key with regards to the smaller antique car insurers so try to find one that’s reliable and it has a good reputation by checking online insurance resources. You do not need to find that after months of coughing up the insurance premiums that the company won’t or is unable to pay your insurance claim.


Even though it might seem like effort finding an antique car insurance company that you feel happy entrusting your antique car with, it is far better than lacking the car insured. Even lowly classic cars from times gone by are worth many thousands of dollars which means that protecting them isn’t an option.



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