An Insurance Coverage Story With A Difference

Everywhere you go, you find insurance adverts. Half the time you answer your phone, its some poor call centre person selling an insurance policy. You get it shoved in your face each and every time you open your eyes its just insurance, insurance, insurance. Well, I’ve insurance and had to make a claim… oh heck, you say? Surprisingly, not so much… from the insurance company anyway.

Just what exactly must you do whenever you make a claim?

First, you call the firm you are insured with and find out what you need to get. Check. You take large amounts of notes and ensure you get everything down. The full list. Check. You will need replacement estimates originating from a few different places for the stuff that you happen to be claiming for.

Right. Go to the retail center and get to the store you bought the thing from, only to find that it is no longer in production. Hmm. Ask for the next best product, found it . Track down a sales manand get him to make out a quote for your specific product, no discounts, nothing extra. This takes at least half an hour because he is never going to get a sale from it and he knows it. Next item…

And so it goes on until you have the necessary quotes for replacing the damaged goods you happen to be claiming from your insurance company for. Now you need to fill in half a dozen forms to register the claim and perhaps get paid out. What are you claiming for? Why are you claiming for it? What happened, in as much detail as you can? When did it occur, day, hour and minute please? And so on and so forth, until you have forms appearing out of your ears.

So now you have all the documentation. Next step is to fax it to your insurance company (Where did I put that blasted person’s name and fax number? Ah, found it!). Now to get the fax machine working and send through the expected documents. Great! All done! Yeah, right!

The end is not yet around the corner. You now have to take care of calling them every day, and do not think that they will phone you, even if they say they will! They have to confirm the weather and the news to see if your story is plausible and checks out. They must check the quotes you got are indeed the correct items. Yippee! It all checks out finally!

Now for getting paid, were you hoping for cash? Nope you get a voucher for the claim value to go get stuff coming from a specific store you have never heard of before and have to go hunting for. Well
I guess, at least you’ve got something for it.

In all seriousness though, it’s not that bad to make a claim to an insurance company, given of course it is a trustworthy insurance company. Be prepared to run around and chase them for what you need though. You know the saying “If you want something done, do it yourself”? Truer words have never been spoken.

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