About Roofing Contractor Insurance

Whenever a roof needs replacing, no matter what the type, the individual must do some research to find the best roofing contractors for the job, which means they should be specialized in the type of roof and type of roofing material that is required to do the job, such as a slate roofing contractor who specializes in pitched roofs that are covered in slate. One of the important questions to ask a roofing contractor is whether they have roofing contractor insurance, said a plumber and roofer.

Roofing contractor insurance is an insurance policy that the roofing contractor buys to cover any accidents that might occur during the course of working on a project. Since the roofing contractor goes from site to site and has different workers under him, this roofing contractor insurance should cover not only the roofing contractor, but also all workers that are under his authority. The roofing contractor insurance should provide adequate workers compensation to all workers if they are injured on a project and should last for the duration of the job, even if it lasts longer than originally estimated.

Individuals who are searching for a roofing contractor should ask to see a copy of this roofing contractor insurance. They must look carefully at the contract to make sure that all workers are covered by the policy and not just the roofing contractor himself. They must also look carefully at the dates covered by the roofing contractor insurance to see if it does indeed cover the entire time the project is in process.

In addition to roofing contractor insurance, there are some other very important questions to ask a roofing contractor. Every roofing contractor should have a license to practice from the state. If they do not, the individual should not use that contractor. In addition, a roofing contractor should be bonded by a surety company and also be a member of a professional roofing organization so that they are more certain to be informed of the latest materials and standards. Roofing contracting companies should also offer a contractor’s warrantee in addition to the manufacturer’s warrantee so that the roof is fully covered.

Reputable roofing contractors will also voluntarily give lists of references so that an individual can confirm that contractor’s past work. Once a list of contractor’s is compiled, three to four written estimates should be obtained from contractors on that list so that they can be compared for price, time and materials used.

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