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Compare Van Insurance

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The famous ‘white van man’ is a standing joke throughout the length of the UK. Usually misrepresented, the mythical white van man is a notoriously poor driver, weaving his way in and out of traffic at super high speed, tailgating and generally irritating all other motorists in his path. Fortunately the mythical white van man is actually very rare.

Millions of small businesses use vans as their vehicles of choice, carrying goods or equipment the length and breadth of Britain. Look at any major road in the UK and you’ll see an incredible range of uses for the ubiquitous van: florists, gardeners, couriers, TV engineers, gas fitters, theatre companies, musicians, all rely on their vans to keep their businesses afloat. Finding the right van insurance at the right prices is probably the most difficult job for any small business since the choice is staggering. As long as you’re not one a real-life white van man, you should be able to cover all your insurance needs at a very reasonable price.

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Generally speaking, a van is a small goods vehicle with a fixed axle not necessarily requiring any additional license to drive. The smallest vans are the vehicle manufacturer’s conversions of their estate car range, and insurance cover is very similar in price to that covering a car of the same specification. That said, a commercial vehicle needs specific business-use additions to its insurance. Unfortunately very small vans are notoriously easy to break into, so extended cover to include theft of goods or equipment is highly recommended.

A simple word of advice: don’t keep goods or valuable equipment in your small van overnight. That’s just asking for it to be stolen and the chances are your insurance won’t cover you for this. For engineers and service providers, excellent quality breakdown cover should form part of your insurance policy, to include a ‘return home or onward to destination’ clause. Time is literally money when you’re on the road, and a missed appointment due to breakdown is money lost to the company. Good legal coverage is worthwhile to assist in clawing back uninsurable losses if your driver in involved in an accident that wasn’t his fault.

van insurance that offers you a courtesy vehicle in the event of breakdown or theft is great for getting your business moving again as swiftly as possible.
Insurance policies for your van are available all over the internet. Deciding exactly your own specific needs before you go online will help you save a great deal of time as you plough through all that’s available to you.